Water Quality in your Intex Pool – Weekly Routine

If you’ve kept up with your daily steps for clean water then your water will likely be mostly clean. However, it is good practice to also go through these brief steps each week to make your water maintenance even eaiser.

1) Change or clean your filter.

2) With your test kit, measure your CYA and pH and then record these values.

3) Adjust pH if necessary. To reduce pH, add muriatic acid (available at home improvement stores in the paint section). To increase pH, add soda ash (sold as “pH Up” at pool stores). Again, the pool calculator (linked above) will help you determine how much of these to add.

4) Adjust CYA if needed. If you’re using liquid bleach, your target level for CYA is 30 to 60. If you’re using a salt water chlorinator, aim for 70-90. If the level is low, raise the CYA level in your water using trichlor tablets (which will also chlorinate your water) or by adding granulated stabilizer which is available from your pool store.

Note that it takes some time for CYA to completely absorb into the water. If you need to raise your CYA level, add about 1/2 or 3/4 of the calculated amount and then re-measure & add more after a day or two. The idea is to gradually add smaller & smaller amounts so that you don’t overshoot your targeted level.

If your level is too high, you must drain 10%-20% of the water out of your pool and then refill the pool with fresh water. You’ll have to repeat this process until you have reduced the level into the proper range.

After 3-4 weeks, your water should become quite stable and you will only need to perform steps 2-4 every 2 or even 3 weeks.

You may occasionally measure & adjust Calcium Hardness & Alkalinity, but these have a relatively small effect on your water quality and are usually quite stable.


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