Intex Frameset Pools

Frameset pools consist of a vinyl liner that is shaped and supported by a steel frame assembled by the owner. Setup is relatively easy after your location has been prepared. Some frameset pools are available in “deluxe” varieties with extra amenities and a more attractive appearance.

One advantage of the frameset style is that there is no inflatable ring and therefore no potential air leaks to find and correct. Additionally, the steel frame provides a location for mounting & securing various accessories around the pool. In addition to the skimmer basket included with the package, Intex sells a variety of other useful items including shelves, towel hangers, andĀ fountain/sprayer assemblies. Finally, the steel frame provides a more stable and conventional shape with vertical sides, allowing you to add decks, flowerbeds, or other landscaping features around your pool.

The drawbacks of a frameset pool include higher cost, a bit more complexity in the setup, and the eventual problem of rusting and corrosion of the steel frame.

The links below will open a new window or tab at where you can see reviews, prices and other information on different sizes of Intex Frame Set Pools.

Round Frame Pools (Largest to smallest)

Rectangular Frame Pools (Largest to smallest)

Oval Frame Pools (Largest to smallest)


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