Pump Discharge Cleaners for your Intex Pool

Discharge driven automatic pool cleaners connect to your pump’s discharge. Instead of sucking the dirt up, these units use the water from your pump’s discharge to push the dirt & debris off the floor of your pool and through a filter mounted inside the cleaner.

Discharge driven units are less expensive than electrically driven units. You can usually find them for $50 – $150, and sometimes less on internet sites like eBay.

However, discharge driven units are less convenient because they require that you connect a long hose to your pool’s pump discharge. Long hoses like this can be difficult to store, they can get tangled while the unit is operation, and you must also find & install fittings to adapt the cleaner’s hoses to Intex pump fittings.

Discharge driven units may also push the dirt & debris away from the vacuum rather than through the filter. If this happens, they just stir the dirt up rather than cleaning it up.


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