Benefits of a Saltwater Chlorine Generator for your Intex Pool

The biggest benefit of a saltwater chlorine system is that it adds chlorine to your water every day. Even if you forget about the pool for a few days or go on vacation for a week or two, the chlorine is consistently added by the SWG. You can even decide what time of day you want the system to run. This allows you to add the chlorine at the optimum time of day (after sundown, see the water quality section for an explanation). With the consistent dose of chorine each day from a saltwater chlorine generator, you will rarely – if ever – have problems with your water quality. You probably won’t even have to shock the pool except for when you have heavy pool usage. A SWG is one of the best things you can purchase because it allows you to spend less time cleaning your pool, and more time swimming in it.

The drawback of a salt water chlorine generating system in an Intex pool is that the salty water will eventually corrode metal parts in your pool. This is especially a concern for metal frame pools, but it also effects the metal parts of your pool ladder. After a few years, rust and corrosion will form and you will have to replace some metal parts. Note, you cannot use table salt in your pool. You MUST use pool salt. This is available at pool stores and some bulk warehouses such as Sam’s or Costco. Table salt contains iodine and other additives that you do not want in your pool. Pool salt is pure and will not introduce unexpected or undesired chemicals to your water.


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