Advantages of Intex Pools

Many potential pool buyers wonder whether they should start with a soft sided Intex pool or whether they should go ahead and spend the extra money for a conventional pool. A simple rundown of the advantages of an Intex pool may be of help.


First of all, Intex pools are inexpensive. For as little as $250, your family can enjoy a swimming pool for at least two or three years. If you assume a four month swimming season and a three year pool life, that works out to about $21 per month. Conventional pools are usually larger and last longer, but they cost substantially more.


Secondly, Intex pools are very easy to set up. They can be ready for water in about half an hour and ready for swimming just a few hours later. You could easily buy a pool at the store in the morning and be swimming in it that afternoon. Setting the pool up on your own also saves money since you do not have to pay for construction labor like you usually would with conventional pools.


Intex pools also do not involve a long term commitment. If you are a renter or only plan to live in a home for a short time, you can still set up a soft-sided pool since it often does not require any major or permanent work to the property grounds. Landscaping done to accommodate the pool can likely be un-done fairly easily. If you find that your family does not use the pool as often as you expected, then you can easily remove it. In fact, you can often re-sell the pool and accessories in a yard sale or through classified advertising services.

Size & Simplicity

Finally, Intex pools do not require complicated bulky equipment. They use compact pumps and filters – some of which are combined into the same unit – and operate on conventional 120 Volt AC power that’s often available from existing electrical outlets. Conventional pools often use large pump/filter setups and may require underground piping. They may also require a new electrical circuit, which means that you will likely need to hire an electrician. The pump/filter units for a conventional pool may also require a concrete slab to sit on. Intex pools come in kits that include all parts and accessories that you’ll need. In most cases, you’ll only need to plug the pump in to an existing GFCI outlet and connect two hoses.

So while conventional in-ground pools are certainly very nice, soft sided pools do have many advantages – especially for first time pool owners. They are affordable, easy to set up and remove, and they do not require complicated installation or space consuming equipment.


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