Intex Pool Setup

One of the main advantages of Intex pools is that they are quite easy to set up compared to inground or hard-walled above ground pools. The most difficult part of the job is preparing the site. For suggestions on that, see the pages about scribing a circle on your siteclearing grass, creating a level site, whether or not to use a sand base, and the importance of using a ground barrier.

Once you have your site prepared correctly, the pool setup is actually quite simple. With an easy set pool, you & a helper may have the pool ready for water in as little as 20-30 minutes. With a frameset pool, your pool should be ready for water in 45 to 90 minutes.


6 thoughts on “Intex Pool Setup”

  1. how big of a footprint do I need for a 24x12x52 frame pool. I would like to start the ground work while my pool is being shipped

    • Hi Al, you will probably want to make the footprint for your pool at least one foot larger than the nominal dimensions of 24’x12’x52″. This will give you some room to spare when you are setting the pool up. If you want to add a flowerbed or some other kind of landscaping, you could make the footprint a little bigger.

    • It’s probably not worth it to pour a new pad for an Intex pool, but if you have a concrete pad already, then its a great spot. Just be sure there are no sharp edges or large cracks in the concrete.

  2. I spent 200.oo for an intex pool for my grandkids, but is a pain to put up! having lots of trouble keeping wrinkles out, and bottom smooth, while trying to fill pool up! please help frustrated granny

    • Getting wrinkles out can be a bit difficult. You’re never going to get a perfectly smooth surface, so don’t get too frustrated. If you don’t have enough water in the pool, you will make more wrinkles while walking or crawling on the bottom. However, when you get more than 3 or 4 inches of water in the pool, there’s too much weight to get the wrinkles out. So something that helps is to stop or slow the filling before you get that much water in. Work from the center of the pool outwards until you get the wrinkles knocked down to your satisfaction. Hope this helps!

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