Low Salt Error Codes

One problem that users have found with Intex saltwater chlorine generators is repetitive Low Salt Level errors – even when salt levels in your water are adequate. This is due to the chlorinator cell building up scale on the electrical plates. When you purchase a unit new, it should last several months without this problem coming up. However, you will eventually begin to get the scale and “Low Salt” error codes every 6-8 weeks after that. Fortunately, this problem is fairly simple to fix.

To correct this problem, you must disassemble your unit and remove the generator cell. If you look into the cell, you will see several metal plates that are likely overrun by a white scale. In some cases, you may be able to remove this scale with the spray from a water hose, however it’s probably a better idea to perform the full cleaning outlined below. Otherwise, you’ll just have to clean the unit again in a week or two.

To fully clean your generator cell, mix 1 cup of vinegar with about 2 gallons of water. Place your generator cell in this mixture  overnight. The next day, you will be able to remove almost all of the scale by spraying it with your water hose. An additional technique is to scrape or push the scale out from between the plates with a non-metal object. Some ideas might be a popsicle stick, or a piece of plastic. The key is to find something with the right thickness. One suggestion to try is a piece of plastic cut out of the front cover of an old Compact Disc case. You do want to get as much of the scale out as possible before scraping so that you minimize the chances of damaging the metal plates in your cell.


7 thoughts on “Low Salt Error Codes”

  1. What if the cell is clean and you still get a low salt code and low salt light. Does the unit still work with a low salt code and light.

  2. I cleaned all censors, took out even the copper soaked in vinegar and rubbed gently with soft cloth, rinsed well and put back together. Works like new.

  3. Can anybody tell me why my cs7111 always has code 91.
    All the normal things have been done or checked. Nobody seems to know or want to tell me why code 91 keeps coming back. So far all I have been told is the unit is fried. My unit is not toast I have done some diagnostic’s on my own( with no wiring diagrams since nobody seems to have them or share them) When the unit is in RUN mode the cell has 12 volts BUT when the code pops up with the low salt light the voltage drops to 0. Nothing else loses voltage so I jumped 12 volts to the cells voltage terminal and presto The unit is making chlorine. The low salt lite and code 91 are still present but the cell keeps it’s voltage. ANYBODY WANT TO GIVE ME THERE THOUGHTS.

    • We receive lots of comments about low salt codes that won’t go away. Cleaning the plates mat work for a while, but frankly these are low cost, and apparently low quality units that don’t last very long.

      Perhaps the problem is in the salt sensor rather than with the plates?

  4. I as well am having the exact same issue, plates are crystal clean, tons of salt in the pool but still after running for 15 mins get the low salt error so frustrating!!

  5. We’ve had our brand new Intex Saltwater System with E.C.O. only a month, and the “low salt” button continues to light up. Hard to believe that we’d have to clean the cell already. Lots and lots of salt has been added.

  6. I have the same problem. Walmart had a new similar intex unit on sale today for 89 bucks….. I got tired of messing with it and just bought a new one.

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