Intex Easy Set Pools

Easy set pools consist of a vinyl liner with a circular, inflatable ring at the top. As the liner fills with water, the inflated ring floats on top. The skimmer basket assembly grips the inflatable ring with a ‘C’ shaped clamp.

Advantages of Easy Set Pools

One advantage of the easy set pool is the rapid setup time. In some cases it you may be able to have your pool ready for water in less than half an hour (assuming your location is already prepared). You simply have to spread out the liner, inflate the ring, and turn on the water. Additionally, the easy set style of pool costs less and includes fewer parts that are susceptible to corrosion.

Disadvantages of Easy Set Pools

The drawbacks of the easy set style of pool have to do with the inflatable ring and irregular shape of the pool. A leak in the inflatable ring can introduce a whole host of problems. An underinflated ring will not allow the skimmer basket clamp to grip well, which causes the skimmer to float out of the water and starve the pump. With no circulation or skimming, water quality quickly becomes a problem. If the ring loses enough inflation, your pool will eventually lose containment and as a result, the water will overflow. Easy set packages do include patches that allow you to fix leaks in the ring, however leaks can sometimes be very difficult to locate.

Another disadvantage of inflatable pools is their irregular shape. Inflatable pools have a fat bottom and narrow top instead of clean, nearly vertical walls. The sides also flex significantly as swimmers & water move inside the pool. This can make it difficult or even dangerous to add landscaping features like plants or decks around your pool.

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