Saltwater Chlorine Generators for your Intex Pool

One of the most valuable accessories for your pool is a salt-water chlorine generator (SWG) – also known as a salt water chlorinator. The principle behind its operation is simple. You add a small amount of salt (sodium chloride) to the water in your pool. As the dissolved salt passes through the SWG unit, it is exposed to a small electrical charge which breaks the chloride (chlorine) apart from the salt. The chlorine spreads out in your water and sanitizes it, killing the algae and bacteria that lead to slimy, dirty water. After a period of time, the chlorine
binds back to the sodium, re-forming the salt and starting the process all over.

The amount of chlorine that is generated depends on how long the generator operates. For Intex pools and SWG’s, run times are usually 2 to 6 hours per day. The instructions included with your SWG unit include a chart that tells you how long to run your chlorinator based on your pool size. However, you should always decide how long to run your generator based on actual measurements of the chlorine levels in your water.

Some owners hesitate to use a saltwater chlorinator because they don’t like the idea of swimming in salt water. However, the amount of salt needed for a SWG systems is very low. It is much lower than the amount of salt in oceans or bays and it is definitely not enough to burn your eyes or irritate your skin. In fact, it’s barely enough to even taste.


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