Water Quality in Your Intex Pool – Overview

In order to enjoy your pool, the water in it must be clean. Nobody wants to swim in a pool that’s infested with algae, slime and/or & other mysterious substances.

Maintaining good water quality can be a major source of headaches and frustration. Going to a pool store makes you think that you need an advanced degree in chemistry, and a car full of chemicals.

However, with just a little bit of knowledge, and good test equipment, you will find that keeping crystal clear water is actually easy and inexpensive. The job gets even easier if other equipment like Salt Water Chlorine Generators or automatic/robotic cleaners are incorporated.

Water Quality Basics –  Gain a basic, big picture understanding of how to handle water quality

Chlorine –  Learn why chlorine is the best chemical to use to sanitize your pool and how to get the most out of it

Stabilizer/CYA – Learn what Stabilizer is and why it’s important to your pool whater.

pH – Learn about pH and how to raise & lower it.

Alkalinity – Learn about Alkalinity and how to raise & lower it.

Calcium Hardness – What is Calcium Hardness and how do you control it?

Won’t The Pool Store Tell Me What To Do? – Yes they will. But here’s one thing to keep in mind.

Testing & Measuring – In order to know how to control your water, you must be able to measure what’s in it. Find out why
the typical red & yellow test kits aren’t adequate and which test kits to buy.

Suggested Levels – How much chlorine & stabilizer do you need? How high should your pH & alkalinity be?

Putting it all together – A simple program of water maintenance suited to Intex pools.

Daily water maintenance –  Steps to perform each day to keep your water clean

Weekly water maintenance – A few weekly tests & adjustments to make

What to do when problems arise – Even with dilligent maintenance, you’ll sometimes get growth of mildew or algae. Here’s what to do.

Shocking your water – What does it mean to shock your water? What do you use to do it and why?


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  1. I have an intex 16×48 and need to know how much chlorine/chemicals to use or where do I find that info? We just set it up so it currently has none in it.

    • You’re in the right place. Just keep reading the pages in this section of the site and you’ll have a good understanding of what to put in and how to manage your water.


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