Other Equipment & Accessories for your Intex Pool


A very useful accessory for your Intex pool are side shelves. These are for metal frame pools only and they attach to the horizontal bars at the top of your pool. They are very useful for storing goggles, snorkels, beverages or other items. They also come with small towel hooks that mount beneath the shelf.


Obviously, with any pool you will likely have children come to swim. A few floats, water noodles and other toys such as diving rings can be very entertaining. Even if you do not expect to have children as guests in your pool, it can still be very relaxing to waste the afternoon away on an inexpensive float in your pool.


For more practical purposes, a pool net is an excellent accessory to have. Pool nets are indispensable when it comes to maintaining clean water. Even if you keep your water perfectly balanced and never have algae outbreaks or other problems, you will always get a stray leaf, bug or other item in your pool. Your Intex kit likely included a net, and these are quite handy. However, they are a bit on the small & flimsy side, so you may eventually consider upgrading to a normal model such as those found at pool stores or hardware stores. Note that the nets & poles included with your Intex kit are not likely to be compatible with these aftermarket types.


Another of the most useful accessories for your pool is the surface skimmer included in your kit. Most dirt & debris that falls into your pool stays on the surface for some time before sinking to the bottom. The surface skimmer captures most of this even if you aren’t around with a net. Note that you must periodically empty the skimmer basket for it to continue to be effective.

Vacuum Attachment

The vacuum attachment included in your Intex kit can be useful, but it is not nearly as effective or as convenient as an electric cleaner or suction cleaner. The Intex vacuum included in your kit really isn’t a vacuum. It simply uses your garden hose to push water & debris through a small net. This can be fairly effective for large debris, but will usually just stir up smaller things.

Safety Gates

One of the most important things to consider with your pool is safety – especially if you will have children near your pool. Many cities and states require that pools be closed off by a fence and/or gate. Since your Intex pool is above ground, these restrictions may be a bit lesser – perhaps allowing you to get away with only gating off the ladder used to access the pool. In any case, be sure you comply with state & local laws as a minimum.

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